Guatemala - a country, shaped by various, diversities and traditions
Guatemala, that means
  • a unique landscape – Highlands with aqua blue lakes, surrounded by numerous volcanos, rivers which wind through rainforest and finally arrive in black palm beaches at the pacific coast
  • a (maya-) culture, which started long before Christ, everyone who comes to see the temples, palaces and sculptures is impressed by their beauty.
  • A culture, which is still continuing their traditions with handmade and colorful textiles and hand carved wooden sculptures. There is no better place to exlore this culture than on the numerous markets.
  • A society, which gains strength and power through deeper believes and strong family bonds, which continue into the 21. century.
Mayan-Pyramid in Tikal
Sunrise at Lago Atitlan
Guatemala, is also a country,
  • which almost 15 years after the civil war is still looking for economic improvement and inner stability
  • in which more than half of the population earns less than 2 US-Dollars a day and 40 % can`t neither read nor write.
  • In which the gap between poor and rich or indegenious and ladinos is time and again causing violence and crimes.
Government Palace in Guatemala City
A beach on the Caribean coast