Preparing the trip
Travel preparations
For traveling to guatemala you need an up to date passport. A visa is only necessary for tourists from europe, northamerica, australia and new zealand planning a trip for longer than 90 days.
  • Health: You should consult your local travel doctor for specific vaccination information due to frequent changes. Malaria especially exists in Tikal and other specific lowlands. Malaria doesn`t exist in the central highlands where Antigua is situated.
    Furthermore it is recomended to aquire travel health insurance and to take pre-cautionary medications with you.
  • Climate: The climate in Antigua is in general comfortable. The temperatures at daytime are between 20 / 23, the coldest temperature lies at 14 C. You should take warm clothes and sunscreen. The rainy season lasts from may to october (with short rain showers usually in the late afternoon). In the mornings and early afternoon the sun usually shines. It is recommended to take rainclothes and an umbrella.
  • Packing-Tips: You can get anywhere in Antigua by walking. Because of the cobblestone streets you should take walking shoes with you. There are many places which offer laundry services.
Airport in Guatemala
Public Transport in Guatemala
Transport (from the airport in Guatemala city to Antigua)
  • The most comfortable and safest possibility is to use the schools transportation service, which costs US$ 40,- (prices may vary). You will need to go through customs and pick up your luggage when you arrive. We will be waiting for you directly outside the airport holding a sign with your name on it.
  • You can also take a minivan from the airport – available only a few times a day (costs about US$ 7,-).
  • If you want to take a cab directly to Antigua, it would cost you about US$ 50. The price can be shared with other passengers.
  • Or take a cab from the airport to the bus terminal at 5a. Avenida and 18 Calle, Zona 1, and than a local bus to Antigua (cab and bus cost about US$ 5,-) available only between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.. Attention: This opportunity is not recommended for the once you visit Guatemala for the first time and/or do not speak Spanish.
Intercity bus
Bus terminal in Antigua
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