Why we support libraries?
In Guatemala, where 46% of the population cannot read, educational opportunities are severely limited by a lack of access to books and other written material. Most towns and villages do not have libraries; neither do the public schools, which also do not supply any textbooks. Parents, many of whom earn the minimum wage of only $18 per week, simply cannot afford to buy books for their children.

Instructional methods in the public schools are limited to listening to the teacher and copying what is written on the blackboard. Many children simply do not learn to read and drop out of school after a few years. Many of those who do achieve some literacy begin losing it as they grow older. Only 10% attend school past sixth grade. As adults, most of these children are limited to doing manual labor - when they can find it.
Mobil-Library of Probigua
Library for children Pedro Molina
A solution
The addition of libraries in towns and schools makes a big impact on this problem. Students use the facilities in great numbers to do homework, look up something in the encyclopedia, or check out a book to read at home.

Tuition fees for Academia de Español support the libraries and provide scholarships for youngsters to attend school beyond sixth grade. We have also received grants from philanthropic organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Guatemala.

Read more about the Library Project here...

Probigua supports el Instituto Indígena Nuestra Señora del Socorro
College San Pedro Yepocapa

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