The development of a country is in direct proportion to the work of all citizens, if and only if the citizens have an adequate education to develop productive activities for themselves, their family, their community and therefore for their country. If human development is integral, the country develops.

For the Education of Guatemala, PROBIGUA means 26 libraries, 16 efficient and functional public libraries, each library has access to information through encyclopedias on CD´s, and 10 school libraries with children’s reading programs. As part of the children's reading program we have created 450 children's corners in schools and public libraries with the motto: "BOOK BY BOOK GUATEMALA WILL CHANGE".

We also support 14 public libraries in different regions of the country with at least one computer each in order to make them more efficient and modern.

It is very gratifying to highlight that PROBIGUA runs 19 computing centers in equal number of rural communities, 5 of those centers have access to the internet. Our mission and vision is to teach young people how to use a computer and consolidate a new knowledge for practical or working life. These centers also provide information through encyclopedias on CD´s and internet. Our appreciation and thanks goes  to the Association PROBIGUA Switzerland, the foundation of Bill & Melinda Gates,  the Foundation ChildAid of the United States and the co-operation of Sweden, ASDI.

With donations from friends and the income of the Academia de Español, we also maintain a fellowship program for young people with limited financial resources who want to study the basic and the “diversified” level. Our program includes  80 students who study  in different places and different degrees. Thanks to PROBIGUA Switzerland, the Foundation ChildAid and Dee and Pres JOHNSON.


In PROBIGUA's mobile library